Senda, energetic & aambiental consulting
- We are a triple impact environmental and energy consultancy -

Specializing in ecodesign and life cycle analysis and environmental product declarations.

We collaborate with companies globally, mainly with industries in the construction sector: Saint-Gobain, Danosa, Knauf, Cosentino, Pandrol, Isolana, Saloni, etc.


The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) consists of an international methodology that quantifies the energy and environmental impacts associated with the goods and services that are designed and manufactured, detecting areas for improvement through the study of the complete life cycle of the product. The performance of an LCA is based on the ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards.

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An EPD® is a certified Environmental Product Declaration, which reports environmental data over the life cycle of products in accordance with the international standard ISO 14025. They provide quantitative information on the environmental impacts of a product throughout its life cycle. They are known as type III “Eco-labels”. The information contained in an EPD® is based on the life cycle analysis (LCA) of a material or system.